Monday, 12 April 2010

Use Your Resources to Succeed in Life

So, you think that you have good resources? Or perhaps you are reading this because you know that you do not have good resources. Whatever your reasons for reading, you will gain at least one resource before you end the day today. This article is to give you ideas about the resources that are all around us. It is just a helpful-hint artilce about using the resources around us. Some of our educational and career resources are obvious while others are hidden. It is up to you to use the resources that are best for your particular situation.

In your life, your resources will be of a variety of items, people and places. Some of the resources that you have available to you are humans, books, encyclopedias, museums, newspapers, magazines, search sites, and other websites. You can use other websites for brainstorming ideas, and for stirring your creativity. Pay close attention to your work and make sure that your work is entirely yours. When using resources to quote special items, make sure that your quotes are indented and or in quotation marks or both. Set aside the quote so that the reader knows exactly what is your work and what you are quoting. With that in mind, use any and all resources to help you advance in your own television production work. Here are some ideas:

Reference Books: Reference books are the best kinds of books you can find. Having a reference book is like having an entire library at your fingertips. Examples of reference books are the books that Mathew Lesko writes. He writes books that list all the resources that people have available to them in their own communities and also about resources that are available in the world. Look up Lesko on the net and see what you can come up with. So some good resource books are any and all of those books by the authors, Mathew Lesko, Wayne W. Dyer, Suze Ormann, Napoleon Hill, and some of the other productive, creative authors who have reached fame by achieving their own goals on a grand scale. You might want to use reference books such as the Gale books or such as the yellow pages. You would be surprised what ideas can come from the yellow pages. Most see this book as merely advertisement, but the informed reader sees the book as a great resource. Years ago, a friend of mine was looking for a job, and decided not to go the regular route but to just pick up the yellow pages and search for a job that way. She came to the baseball paces and decided to apply as secretary for the New York Yankees. Wow. What a bold move. She went to the interview. (Remember there was no advertisement that anyone was looking for a secretary, but only ad add for Yankee Stadium. She applied for a job that she did not even know existed. As it turned out, George Steinbrenner was looking for a secretary but it had not been announced yet. Guess who got this job? Yes, my friend got the job. So, use your imagination. Do something out of the box , out of the ordinary, and you will be successful in whatever you want to do.

Referral: Referral -wow, now that is a tool. And it is a tool worth using all the time if you have it. Tell everyone you know about your new business if you are beginning a new business. If you are producing a television show, tell everyone. Someone you tell might not be interested in your show, but someone they tell just might be looking for something like your television show. So shout it out to the hills; give your show all the free publicity that you can give it. And get and give referrals. This is where your respect pays off. Most times if you respect people, they will respect you. And the more respect you have and receive and give, the more referrals you are likely to come by.

So those are just some of the resources we have available to all of us that are interested in doing television shows. What resources are available in your own community? As a bonus, I give you a great resource right here. Did you know that you can do free research in the New York State Supreme Court Law Library? All you need to do is produce proper photo identification and you can do your research there. Call them first to make sure that rule still applies or ask what else you need to bring with you. (Before September 11th, anyone could enter with just a NYS driver's license and or government or student photo identification card; check for updated rules and regulations).

Your Best Resources: One of the best resources that you have is the television set that you see in front of you or your computer. From these two things you can watch recent community access shows and find ones that you would like to use in your own experience. When you watch a show and you see something that you like or something that interests you, that will spur your imagination and your creativity. You can get ideas about what it is that viewers might like to see on your own show. If you watch a show that you do not like at all, then you know right away what you will not do when producing your own show. So in that way, watching television for short periods of time, can be quite useful to you in your learning times.

Thousands of Free Television Shows: If you have no television in your home, you can watch some shows on Though I have put some shows in there in the past, I am unaffiliated with that website. When you get to that site, put in a search for MNN, BCAT, Bronxnet , or SICTV. You will find many community access programs that are from all areas of our great state.

Reference Sites: Reference sites - same as reference books only better. You can have tons of libraries at your fingertips when you find a good reference site. I belong to a group of television producers, hosts, co-hosts, audiences and talent (wow, all in one group), and at that particular group, you can find the most awesome listings for references and resources for almost any subject in life. For example one time there was a free course listed. The course ordinarily would cost hundreds of dollars but in this group there was a link to the course and the admission was free. So, that to me is one of the good reference websites. That happens to be a private yahoo reference website so you need an invitation. So all readers of my articles here are invited to apply for free membership of that group. If you send an email and say you want to join the "growingtvshows" yahoo group, I will send the link to you. Or check out my website there and find the link there to the free group. To find good reference websites go to You will find this search engine quite helpful in locating almost anything you need for your television shows.

Hope you use all the resources that you have available and hope that you share your resources with all your friends and neighbors -give and get, that is the policy. I created this article on June 05, 2008.

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