Sunday, 4 April 2010

Old People Die - Not! Age Has Nothing to Do With Death, But Health Does

What do you think of when you think of death and dying? Are you like most people who just immediately think that you have to be old to be dead or dying? If so, you had better re-evaluate your ideas after you hear what I have to say. Death and dying is no more related to old people, or seniors than it is related to young people or cheese sandwiches. In other words, you cannot say that someone is dying or near death simply because they are old. That judgment is far from the truth. Fact is that most people not die from old age, but they die from illness and accidents, and they die from murders and from all sorts of things that really are not related to old age. Some people, even those that are old, might die but might die from unforeseen circumstances.

Young people die too. Healthy people die. So our assumptions that death and dying is just for the old people who are not healthy is a mistaken idea. I know someone who was near death, a ten year old who had open-heart surgery. And I met someone (years prior to this) who was just about eighteen years old who was killed while trying to change a flat tire right off the Belt Parkway. And I know someone of age 45 who died right at her dining room table in the middle of dinner and none of her family had any clue at all that she was even sick. There are babies who die, I know of two of them and there are all sorts of ages in between who die or who come so near death they are given last rights already.

The point that I am making is that death and dying are not solely things that affect old people or seniors, but death and dying affects anyone and everyone who is alive. So, put away your misconceptions about old people dying and realize that people never ever die of old age, but rather they die of medical complications, of malpractice or gross negligence. Or they die from lack of food or from other related things. Bottom line is that you will no longer walk around with that misconception of those old-age myths of death and dying.

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