Wednesday, 2 December 2009

What artist is the greatest artist in the world?

Imagine - Imagine the situation is Picasso, Michelangelo, or any of the other famous artists in history. Imagine being able to talk with the artists to hear from him, to talk with him. Imagine yourself in a position to touch the masterpieces that now sell for many millions of dollars. Could you imagine a time in a room with any of the artists? What about Degas? What would you do to be in his presence? There are so many wonderful artists, both living and dead both.What about the current artists of today. What about the artists in the past, the artist whose work for the walls and corridors of the Louvre? Want to take one of them?

Have you ever had an opportunity like this? Probably not. But what if the best artists in the world, the most famous artists and popular answer, you should take steps to do that? What happens if this artist for free (no fees, no taxes, no money cover)? What would you do then. Would jumpOn this occasion, right?

Well, yesterday I had the opportunity, therefore, an opportunity very rich. In one day, I had the opportunity, the most famous artists of the world to do justice, and we went to lunch. We sat in silence as I spoke and he listened. She should be the opposite? I do not want to be heard have been mentioned, but I speak my mind. Yet it was okay. This was my chance of a lifetime. If thesechance ever happen again? Would I have this chance again in my lifetime? And did I share this with anyone? Wow. What would you have done if this was you and this was your opportunity? Would you have shared it with me? Would you have called me up and said, "Hey, I've got the greatest artist in the world here, come have lunch with us!"?

How many would do that? Or would you keep it a secret for yourself? Anyways, what I am writing about is this, I had this great chance yesterday and today again, it will happen again. Offered the opportunity, it is also because I believe in sharing. And now the secret is out. Well, I think I like the book The Secret, which is really no secret, either, but it's just a fact that people tend to forget, and nobody remembers on a daily basis.

The greatest artists of the world in the earth, thus, the best known, most popular artists in this world is God. "

Yes, the greatest artist is God. "And you and I have a chance withMost of these artists, not only every day, but every single moment of our lives. Imagine that? Imagine living with the greatest artists of the world? And I do. We, each reading is access to the greatest artists of the world.

Why? For heaven's sake, not because I say this? After all, you have probably read many art books and probably have not yet seen the name of God that, under the name of Pablo Picasso and Degas and Chagall. But we still have living proof, every day that Godreigns in the art world, in the nature world and He excels in every single thing that is on this earth.

I say this because I have seen the sky and the ocean. And there are no other more beautiful things in the planet (except of course babies and children), than these natural works of art. God is the One Who created awesome rivers, lakes, oceans and lands. God is the One Who created the North and South Pole and everything, and every land and every person in between the poles. When I look when the eagles and owls, and when I look at the thick white clouds in the sky, I remember that my artists, my, my greatest artists of the world. God created everything for me. Now do you understand? Now you know why I have the opportunity to meet many famous artists in the world do every day in my life. I have only one God, the God of the seas, the sky, earth, ice, water, weather, and the bolts of lighting and sets them up in wonderful beauty. Ahh,Imagine That!

And 'beautiful, beautiful, sensitive, radiates the child's work of art better than you could ever see in your long life, and the greatest artists of the world, only God is responsible for creating a lifetime.

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