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This article was written with you in mind, you, the community access TV producer. Whether film studio in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Staten Island, television production, if you, or if you are in the company of television production on a study of community access will find some useful tips in this article. This article is concerned with TV co-production, usually not specific to particular study or removed.

This themeStudio is a huge subject. I will try to tell you very much for the studio that I put in this short article. First I want to note that all studios are different. So this description is a description of some studies and in some cases, the majority of studies on community access television.

The building: In general, buildings that are building this community access studio very safe. There are security guards in uniform in most of the buildings, and some have less safetyand upwards. There are pound signs up and down, so there are double safety. A Staten Iceland accessible building community is the environment of the building where there is a connection, a security fence around the parking lot / entrance and a security guard at the entrance of the carpark. In the palace of Brooklyn, there are no parking (and sometimes parking in the vicinity can not possibly be). The area is in the sense that there is no parking and no standing in the security --total block of the building. There are no meters and no evidence to suggest that someone needs to park somewhere near the palace. There were police officers on patrol in the neighborhood (It is a high-traffic), both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. As always, the building is partly occupied in Manhattan in Manhattan, it goes without saying that the car park nearby, there is probably impossible, unless the rent you pay for your vehicle. The most ideal situations in all three studies is to use public transport, cyclingBus or walk to the studios. (The building Staten Island is very accessible to cars). When inside the building, no matter what is your "outside" the life and personality, such as producers, staff, administrators and interns expect the respect and dignity. If you're drunk, high or aggressive in a particularly vile mood, try and wait until you feel better before you approach the building study. This will save embarrassment and possibly the suspension of municipal servicesAccess Studios.

Access: Most of the buildings using elevators and stairs for access to studies. Most of the buildings have changing rooms and toilets, and some have water coolers, cups and conference rooms. (Check with each individual study to find out) more details. There are certain rules and regulations that all visitors and manufacturers must meet. These are the general rules of polite (which I mentioned in some of my other objects). This is a place ofBusiness, so treat it that way. In general, there is no smoking and no drinking water inside the building. In general, there are no pets allowed inside buildings. If you receive a special permit for the animals Administration to ask in advance. In general, the law allows guide dogs or dogs necessary because of physical disability, but it would be nice if you let people know, the first time you are putting into the building. The reason it is necessary to alert the staff, becausesome changes in staff, and may be new people who have not yet learned the policy. Another reason for the warning, because if you need something special for the animal or special housing, so employees know in advance. Almost everything to be done to accommodate reasonable requests if you set of directors. Of course it goes without saying that most likely you will not receive permission to do something dangerous inside the building (for example, toFame, snarling pit bull, which is just an example). So always ask permission if it is something that normally prevent the construction, student politics.

Timing: each and every government has its own rules on timing. Follow these rules and you should have no problem to produce their own shows. (For example, the Brooklyn and Manhattan studio are rules about how long "hold" study for you if you do not show up at your appointedTime. You may lose the place for your show, if you're too late. There are other rules on how much time in advance you can book the studio for his personal use, and other rules that specify the time when they leave the studio after your production is over. For complete details, see the manuals and studies or ask the administration, what are the current rules, or if the manual has been modified in any way. Do not assume that someone who works for the timing or other problems. In the past, manufacturers havefalse information, you can benefit directly by hand or by word of Directors.

Availability: Most of the study is on a first come, first served "basis. This means that if you want to reserve for a specific time or date, you must reserve well in coming to the studio before that date or time in the studio. Do not wait until the last minute. Do not have space for as long as you want. More difficult to maintain after seven PM. IfYou want this time, you should prepare yourself for this, in the studio and before the reservation date will be. Check with your study for more information. Sometimes the easiest time to book o. na Saturday or Sunday morning could, but that is usually the most difficult time for growers to recruit, seems to help. Nothing is impossible, so do not be impressed. These are just examples. Come to your office for further information about what to expect your practice. Never believe hearsay, Just check itAlone.

Studio: The area is for the filming of the show itself. The study area (depending on who you are) in the study area could have a small stage. Some studies have interpreted all platforms, you can use with carpet. Some studies have pianos, and nearly all have a range of professional lighting in the ceiling and the lights on a stand light. Most of the gel, microphone stands and different types of microphones. The study of Brooklyn has Lavalieres, wirelessMics, boom mic stands, a series of stands of light, and tons of other equipment for your show. The study also study camera and robotic cameras normal. If you need a device that repairs to speak, but always for the staff and all employees in the public space equipment. If you are broken due to negligence or equipment for your show to report that public institutions and ask if there is a substitute. Do not insert your own equipment in the walls of cut. This wallBoards are responsible for the equipment of study is not for outsiders to use, or for their own equipment. If you must use your own equipment in the studio, first to report that they are bringing into the studio (with the supervision of the table). He or she is the serial number, model number and other information recorded in the security log. Then, when you need it throughout the world in touch, you can not do this show without the permission of public facilities. The study is the area under study, and it isdoes not show in the area, so that only qualified and certified manufacturer of study "count" count on your vendor in the study. (Every time you have a show that is committed to a number of certified producers with you or you) are not allowed in the area of study. Only producers this study included number of producers. Your family can point to your work as a producer, after the courses that exist for producers of study. Once they are officiallyhave certified, you can show your work. Before that time, they are allowed in the studio just as the hosts, guests, talent, artists, speakers, public or co-host. Family or friends are not authorized to operate all devices at all, until they are officially certified producers.

Trash, garbage and recycling: E 'to your advantage to get all your garbage, waste and recycling of study and control room-take zones. Eat (or drink is allowed in theseAreas). If you see the garbage in there when you arrive, make them clean and remember that you must leave the areas clean for the next manufacturer. Nobody wants to study of dirt. Most of our commercial producers have respect for other producers and clean. If you are one who leaves trash around, change your habits, at least when it is in the studio. The way in which we are the producers in the economy successfully, polite, respectful, fair and clean in all ourProduction.

Hierarchy and levels, we are here in America, which is a good thing to remember is that you are no better than any other producer in the studio. Are you a manufacturer, are the producers. If you think you rank higher in the Community of access, just because you have produced hundreds of shows, or because it was in the studio for the year, then you have the wrong idea. What you do is more experienced, that's all. Thus, all producers treated with the same respect. Treatment of newProducers with the same respect to be held producers with experience. We are all of equal value, although not all have the same experience. Everyone can learn from someone, and almost everyone can learn something from someone else. You can learn from new producers, as possible from an experienced producer to learn. is all the attitude and attention to your work. If you are a producer who seems larger than life, which meets on foot in opposite direction and work with producers, theirequivalent. When you encounter a professional writer, who will treat you with respect, no matter how long you have been with the firm or economy. Only selfish to see the latest manufacturers and these are the ones that you need to avoid, if you want to be happy and successful in your productions. Of course, that is your choice, everyone is an individual, and if you like working with the selfish, that corresponds to your choice.

Responsibilities: As executive producerthat show all the responsibility for all devices. Do not sign and be with your consent. So this is a good reason, but only responsible to ask for help for manufacturers on display. You can stop using the product, the manufacturer carefully.

Ask, Do not Tell: This is probably some of the best advice I can give to someone while you are in television production. Ask people, do not say. Ask them how they can help. Tell them what to do. Youoffer suggestions, or you can say: "This is the way I do, is make their own decisions." To ask and not tell people what to do, we can develop better relations with farmers, workers and apprentices. Nobody wants to tell you what to do, as if a child or as if they know nothing. Put yourself in their place. So do not ask me to say (and this is a proposal for you). There will of course make your own decisions when it comes to their own productions. If you are a close friendship withsomeone, perhaps you could say something, but even then, your words and ideas are accepted or if you just listened to communicate their ideas and suggestions rather than demands or orders. One way to realize the people, is sufficient in capital letters as if they are even more important to them (just like you, if you), sentences or songs used in capital letters. You can see the road, you can read your way, because screaming? Note the differenceAs someone's attention? See how it looks? It 'like, HEY you must read this! Some people feel that bold or italic to scream. The key here is for the bold a word, or about flying or using the titles (as I am the fat in this article at the top of each section. Kuhnen The first words, so that the reader can browse and read Article First, what he or she wants to read. Then the reader can go back and read the rest of this article. When people type in all caps, whichcome across as bossy and sometimes ruthless others. And if someone comes, which is equally boring, boring and uninteresting, because most of the time want to be treated as equal human beings. And people are also producers. (Read any book on blogging, or any group or online entertainment, and you'll see the same thing. Caps, screaming, and there is no need to cry for no one. If the price limit for a single word, a bit 'different. But it is possible for boldEmphasis or a different font for emphasis or quotation marks for emphasis

So now, in studio, one hopes that no one screaming at everyone and if you do the tasks properly, with adequate monitoring and networking good, and also with the voluntary good will have a great crew for your study and field shows.

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