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Dead Men Do not Talk!

Was a threat? If the title got your attention, I wonder why? Know the meaning of this word? Does anyone know the meaning of life? Wow. When I heard, but it sounded like a threat. I'm not saying that it was a threat, I say "played" like a. No need to jump to conclusions drawn. But I have loved you, to answer these words, perhaps called into question, but I did not. But think about it. It speaks of the dead and she says, the dead do not talk.Well, technically dead, of course, do not speak, but there's more to it.

I sat in the lobby, the public, and the person on the computer was on the phone. He kind of laughed and then said in a stern voice, the dead do not speak! It was the laughter that made the words, or was to highlight the words? Or laughed off the threat? Or was it just a movie? Ahh I've heard, you should find the voice, tone,tone, which does not seem that this film on A. The men who do not speak these words in a low voice, he has spoken with a confidential tone. You definitely people who talk on cellphones when they are too. You can go one way or another. Or that they speak very softly for a personal interview) (rare, or speak loudly on the phone, knowing that each and everyone around them can hear their conversations. That a single phrasesoundedmuch as a threat, but to whom? There was nobody but me, and at a great distance, the guard was.

Privacy Note: Users of mobile phones in general expect the demand privacy when talking on their cell phones, and tend to that privacy, even when talking on the phone in public. Mostly this is a reason to believe or request. However, there are so many times, when mobile phone users can and can not waitPrivacy in their telephone conversations. These are the times that uses the telephone and the call is not private:

They speak in a public place on a phone and talk in a noisy or very strong.
They speak in a public place (ie bus, train, school, etc.) and your guest (the person at the other end of the phone) to talk very loud, or talk to her through a loudspeaker, telephone, or you with speakerTelephone to answer your rating.
You are in a public place and speak softly, but it is close to other people and there are many people or a person who is very close. In these cases, you can not expect privacy.

You can not expect privacy on your mobile phone - in public. If you want you may be surprised to learn that you do not have privacy at all public places. Therefore, this variety is called, in public places. And even ifYou might think it's rude when someone your conversation, or when someone comments on what you are saying that the phone conversation, you know, replacing the volume and your meddling in another's personal space (your voice or loud voice his opinion) is an intrusion into their privacy.

So, the bottom line is that if there can be no privacy, you get no privacy. If you have a private telephone conversation quite similar, the best thing to dogo somewhere that is not publicly known or very far from other people.

Comment Your Own Way: It 'funny how different people react to different circumstances. Probably the average person could be that the discussions have heard the same words and thought it was a threat. My thinking is very different. I like a debate. Since this is a false declaration, I felt like a real problem discussion forum. My first thought when I heard what this person said, washow to respond aloud to do with the reply, yes, but they do! Although this was my first reaction was a response in silence, it was all in my thoughts and I have expressed my opinion. I knew it was not necessary, in my opinion the right, then to express. Why? Because I knew that first of all there must be an article on this topic. The fact was so important. And you sit there wondering why this brief conversation was important.

The words of the slain roar like thunderfor years after the murders. And sometimes the words of the deceased are so bold and so strong that it can be heard all over the country and then throughout the world. Tote call, yell, scream, and their words are plastered all over the country until the end of eternity.

There is no evidence? Yes, there is evidence of this. Every day there is proof! Have you heard the words of Gandhi in your life? The assailant has his physical body, but could not shut his mind and his followers. This guide wordsPhilosophy, biography and the stories are heard around the world. The stories do not stop at the shores of India to stop, but operate in every school in our town and we are not even in India. In fact, speaking with the dead.

Plastered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: the words of Martin in the United States and in our city. We see his name on our schools, our road signs, in the annual commemorations and in these ceremonies, we celebrate his life and workPeace, which he did. Yes, yes, speaking, dead. Healing and intelligent, the kind words of Martin Luther King's life and so on, even though he died many years ago. His name adorns the street corners, schools, municipal buildings and community projects in all the United States of America. And if some men and women die, their words are long, bold, durable and strong enough to wake the rest of the dead in our country.

Dr. Koch: Listen, and feel allThe words of the dead in our country and to learn more about it and see and hear the voices of men who are no longer with us during our entire world. Dr. Cook was an honorable man, who spoke on the radio about the Bible. It was the morning on the WFME 94.7 FM radio, some time ago. And then he died. But Dr. Cook and his speaking and his voice messages and live, even though he is gone, his words can still be heard on the radio. Continued after his showdied.

Dying Confession: Look at the importance of the confession of a dying man. These words will be with the utmost importance to the last words of a man dying is a good evidence in court, however, because a man dies as a result of which is man. Every day we see the meaning of the words of men and women who have died, and our nation and our world, defending the messages that he said these people while they lived and these messages are conducted around the world in the booming voices inDefeating it is proved that the bullets guns, knives and other weapons, stop the physical body, but have no influence on the positive, good spirit of man. You can not stab the integrity, you can not kill a good character, and you can not kill their confidence. Their memories and spirits live, indefinitely, as their story says a storm.

Just think of a biological explanation: Never, we are dead, because this statement is simply not true fool. If t herea truth this is just a biological explanation, but not a social budget, not a declaration of defeat. Knowing that all men and women a voice, a loud voice, after their death. Just listen to the messages to be remembered. Most of our famous artists were poor and unknown, in fact, while she was still alive, and they achieved great fame after their death. His painting, normally sold for almost nothing, but after his death, his paintings were so alive, so important and so strong thatmessages and can and will always be seen and heard in this world. Who does not know the painting by Picasso of flowers? Who has not heard of Rembrandt? And what about Chagall? The values and experiences of those who died centuries ago, modern man has expressed views that his work was almost all in the United States of America. These artists have expressed their feelings in paintings, oil and watercolor. They not only talk, but speakLiving Color.

Celebrity Death: It was dying a celebrity, a celebrity that does not belong to the month, and you will see the TV show, after tax, after the film to run continuously throughout the week, throughout the month and more if the celebration was around for a long period. In our country and our world, some of the most powerful, longest, most life-changing cast of people who are no longer on this earth. And how does this happen? Simple, yes, it's an easy answer.

ElieWiesel lives, and yet he brings the words of dead men and women, life in her book that night, as we learn what is happening in the camps. Hitler killed millions of Jews and other people, but he could not kill the spirit of the Jewish people. Hitler could not tame the human spirit, the struggle to live with every breath, despite all the odds against them. Elie speaks of thousands of people every year on what he saw, what he saw and said something to him.Elie is the living testimony of some of the millions who have died. Memorials and ceremonies are in this world, every year is for the victims who died. And every year, the words of someone to get out of the darkness, to demonstrate the power of life and strength. Every year, we hear and listen to that chronicles the true stories of survivors and survivors true stories of those who did not have it done outside the camps. And even if their bodies are not made from barbedFences, flew his heart, mind, spirit and stories with the wings of angels on the limits to our ears.

The death of a pope and others: if the pope died, we were put on the books, audio tapes of his words, there were newspaper articles in every country in the world, talking about what the pope. And in every place, they reprinted his words, his sermons, his thoughts and his ideas. Even today, some radio stations that you can still hear the voice of the pope. Nobody thought the PopeMore and his message to his people. Rosa Parks, Gordon Parks, Harriet Tubman, are all dead, but everyone talks about.

Family dies: If the family member dies, that is not the end of them or their thoughts, words, works and lives. This person lives in the memory forever, and it is up to the end of time. No one will simply disappear just because their time has left this earth. It may be mentioned on a bus and for her. You pass a grocery store and see their favorite --Fruit and memory, as if living with you. They remember their words. Do you remember what he tried to share with you what he said or the things you have asked. No one is dead forever. The actual date of death, only takes a few minutes or moments, and then they will live forever in heaven or hell, depending on their decisions made in their lives. We listen to the memories, obituaries, ceremonies and religious rituals, including theirFunerals, they say. They talk about the tears in the eyes of their families and friends.

I am writing this article today in order to encourage people to bring people hope to dry the tears of help from you if you have always been among those who have argued that it speaks of the dead. You know better than that, and you are smarter than to believe it when the wrong words. Dead bottom! Martyrs see us from heaven, as we remember them. Dead Men's Voices Sprout, proverbs, quotes, philosophies and words ofcracks of each brick of the nation, the words creep railroad tracks in the south and plunge into the muddy waters of rivers dirty in our country. The words of the grace of our ancestors, the outside walls of our largest library in Brooklyn, New York, not the words of a living man, but the words of the dead.

Dead words travel faster than light speed, at times, when there will only stop, pause, and listen carefully, he can say to Moses: "Thou shalt not kill" WordsAdorning us long ago, the walls of our buildings Court has been given. And what about those who do not want to hear too? There are some criminals dead, only joined in their last moments before they were executed, their pain, their sorrow, regret for their crimes disgusting. Why do I say this? Well, this is a land of opportunity for me to speak of dead criminals, because they, too, to speak their minds, before leaving the earth and newspapersPrint their words for days if not weeks.

Even the criminals dead speak: And more, most of the dead who are not criminals to speak. Even the dead do not want to hear but also speak. You have all seen the executions of murderers and the newspaper can not print his last words? The victim's family was not followed by the words of the dead, said that the right of the electric chair? Dead man talking. What saves our society is that most of the dead in our world thatspeaking, men are brave, wonderful people, creative people, colleagues, men of wisdom, grace, strength and generosity of men, the good positive sustainable change in our country, in our world. These are the items to save the company.

If anyone is still scratching his head and confused, if they still say that the dead do not speak! Let me be clear that the speech that I write their words, their biographies, their histories, their monuments, urns, and the words on the tombstones,road signs with their name on it, talk this way of speaking of the dead!

Boy: And last but not least, seek the murderess of Ari Halberstam, if not to speak of the dead. Ask for a drive across the Brooklyn Bridge. As we read in this neighborhood that the van will take place on that small area of the ramp on the Brooklyn Bridge, was killed when Ari is, if you dare say that not speaking of the dead. Ari, when he was on the Brooklyn Bridge, when he died, he had killed his voiceheard all about our city. The voices of the people, their communities and voices in our city, ensuring that his name would remain on the ramp for eternity, and it does. When I drive over the bridge, I see his name, over and over again. When they killed him, they thought that this was the last they would see or hear from him. Little he knew that his name would be its history and its memory cry from the grave to every person, the trip across the Brooklyn Bridge - forever. And I smileRelief that these murderers not silence Ari. The dead do not speak! Spirits live forever. And her voice back to those who pursue these crimes committed against themselves. This is what the terrorists and murderers will never understand. The killing of innocent people, raise their voices louder than ever. To kill innocent people, lift them up to a height they had attained in life, and allow their voices to spread their message acrossOnce again, anywhere. Wherever the printed word can go where it can be a road sign or the name of a school, you can hear the voices of the dead.

We strive to: What makes our city and our country is so great that we have time to listen to those voices, the voices of the soldiers with bullets and knives silenced. Let never convince someone that a person, the spirit, a message of human ends when the heart stops beating. You know much better.

Go to this site for the historyAri and go to this page of history of the opening ceremony of the museum. And to come out of there knowing without doubt that the dead speak.

As overhead, loud conversation, if a person who says that the dead do not speak, I know the truth in my heart, so I responded. However, if I'm quiet, I'm not remain silent for long. Finally, show up, my thoughts, not my words, my thoughts and my ideas. I guess my style, my space in the silence of the printed word.And sometimes my silence surfaces on video tapes, which my TV shows. I'm happy to live in a country where there is the word of truth, no matter what.

So now that we have found once again that the dead speak of what you say when you die? What will be your legacy to your friends and your family? What will your words lasting? You are solely responsible. You're the one that makes memories. What memories. What kind of memorieslive now? What you have to say to himself? When making a report, a rise of video and video on You can put your message there for free, without any commitment. To publish your message and let me hear your voice and your message, even after you're gone. But think that at this point, before leaving your message, I am proud of the story is his successor? Can you stand tall people, trust and look in the eye and say this is my message! This isStory that I bring to the world. ? Are you proud to show that the message to your mother, your father, your children and all the other heirs-to-be? Your message is worth the ears of God? Even if the dead to speak, is the real challenge in this life, in order to optimize your work while they are still alive and breathing. This is the last challenge.

Do you work better. Present something to the world that you are proud. Because after you're gone, your message will remain somewhere, and you have the time norany way to change your opinion.

For me, I have not written to try to change you, I can not write to judge anyone. I write to learn. From every article I write, I was brought back. Most times we say things that other people, usually the message that we conducted to the outside, is the training that we need to hear us. Today and every day, I'm educating myself, and when another person is something to my letter, which also makes it happy. I remember once again thattoday and tomorrow and every day, then I have a message, presenting the world that I can be proud. Can I never resorted to please people, and always try to bring a smile to my God. "

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