Sunday, 20 December 2009

Television production - Lesson Twenty-Three, shows, field trips and Europe

Amazing! I'm sitting here in the public television show that I just looked surprised. Today I have a few seconds into the channel 13 (the public broadcaster, based in New Jersey. It's just a coincidence that a show called Rick Steves Travel Kit middle of the session. A fee striking a donation (from station), spectators and players (no books) may be right there on the side of Rick Steves in Europe.

The sites were amazing. Now that I have never been to Europe, they were amazingWebsites related to me. Sure, I've seen these pages in pounds, but the way in which Rick Steve has presented in Europe and in many other countries, made me feel like I'm there. I felt as if I had the plane with Rick and his crew. This show is a combination of a story about a tour to Europe and also a history of the tour with a full range of production crew. I liked the part where they discussed the pre-production, production and post-production in this area. Which ledMemories of my school's television with me. Rick has shown the equipment, cameras and spoke about the process of this production that Europe 101 Rick Steve completed.

Normally, when you're traveling shows, all you get to see the spotlight on some well-known attractions attractions, cities or buildings. However, with the screening of Rick's, which was just on Channel 13, viewers got a glimpse of a bird's eye view of the pre-production, production and post production processes, as well as the public has seenamazing historical sites. The soothing music that accompanied the production of APM Music Productions, and ITT has been registered in Europe (and) in many other countries. Steve focused on Europe and spoke of many other countries. What I loved the prodcution, there was no advertising, but there were sponsors such as bread for the world.

It 'been a pleasure to see the facilities, the background, the sites that tourists and crew (a crew minimum), in this wonderfulDocumentary about a documentary on Europe and other countries (in terms of being in America). To all the latest producers and also producers with experience, I recommend this show and similar properties show that toured in Europe and other countries. The learning experience is impressive and gratifying. For those of you who have been in Europe and other countries can still enjoy this TV show on Channel Thirteen in terms of memory, and it is possibleHear your own travels through Europe with Rick Steves eyes and voice.

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