Sunday, 13 June 2010

Why Do You Write? And, Where is Your Comment?

Writing is one of the many communication tools that we have and it is probably the most lasting one. Think about it. You can put things on disks, and on cassettes and even on cds and dvds, and most likely that medium would be outdated soon. Just from what we know about history, writing will last a long time. If you doubt that look in the museums that show us what the cavemen wrote on their walls. You can view their pictures --which was their original form of writing, and yet they have not been around for a ton of years.

Want to make a lasting impression, write something! Forget the technology of trying to put things on cassettes and on other things and realize that your written word could last forever. And perhaps that is why we should be careful about what we write, because the words will last practically forever. Ask any Playboy bunny whose picture and story is in that magazine, yes, the written word has lasticity!

So why do you write? What do you hope to accomplish by writing here or at any other website or for any other magazine or newspaper? Some write for fame, others write just to see their words in print. While still others write to let their voice be heard throughout the world. Yes, your voice will be heard throughout the world. You can write it --and then spread it on the net. Yes, with the help of some technology, you can have your written words read by almost anyone. What a difference there is --now and between those years that were pre-computer. We have the power to spread ideas, information and all sorts of knowledge, and inspiration.

Are you taking advantage of this power of the written word?

Why do you write?

If you wrote an article, would you want to know that somebody was reading it? So , how do I know that you are reading this? One way that I know is by the statistics that Ezine provides about all of my articles. But an even more rewarding way is to hear from readers like you.

Will you please contribute some of your own writing, here, just a note, perhaps an idea, a suggestion? Even a criticism is so welcome. At least I will know it is you that are reading my words.

Want to see more good articles? and on what topics?

Write a note and just suggest a topic and I will be more than glad to write about that topic. That is a challenge for you and a challenge for me. What do you want to hear about? Thanks for reading and thank you for writing!

Updated May 10, 2008 Added Note: I want to thank everyone who has been making comments on this and other articles. Sincerely, I do appreciate your comments. And, know that I appreciate the notes whether or not you agree or disagree with any article. I look forward to comments. I do this because it is with your comments, you, the reader, that I can improve, check, change and update articles whenever it is appropriate.

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