Monday, 28 June 2010

The Randypeters - Freedom Train

A brief history of the Randypeters circa 1981 to 1985. The band was from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and were anchored by vocalist Pieter Botman, and guitarist Rand Peppler. Along the way, a couple of bass players, and a ton of drummers, served time with the group. Mick Kern (1981-1985) and Derek Campfield (1986-1990) handled the bass duties. The list of drummers probably could take up the entire computer screen. Bill Anderson, Rob Hanson, John Ferguson, Bob Grant, Mark Craig, Gilles Mantha, Bob Grant (again) and finally Gilles Mantha (again). For the record, Rob Hanson and Bob Grant drummed on the songs found on the Blender Mix compilation, and Mark Craig drummed on the tracks found on the Independence Day EP and the Cassettera compilation. Influenced by a mishmash of the Rolling Stones, the Clash, rockabilly, 65/66 Beatles, surf music, and whatever the heck else was on CKCU-FM those days, the Randypeters were a difficult band to pin down, though a roots rock/country/punk hybrid would be accurate. The majority of the songwriting was done by Botman and Peppler, though Kern and Campfield also chipped in with a number of songs. As far as our research indicates, only "Sounds of Children", written by Mark Craig, emerged from the ranks of the drummers. The Randypeters came to life for a Talent Show at Gloucester High School in suburban Ottawa in 1980, and broke up sometime in 1990. Pieter and Rand were members of the same Gloucester swim team, and Pieter and Mick met during Grade ...

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