Tuesday, 27 July 2010

REAL (NOT Emulation) WeatherStar 4000 Emulator Forecast Churdan, Iowa -- January 31, 2009

When we got more channels (after like TEN years) added to our cable, I thought I'd check out The Weather Channel control city, which is Fort Dodge. Now Fort Dodge residents have Mediacom, in which they have Intellistar, but Gowrie, a sleepy town of approximately 1100 people has "Gowrie Cablevision", reaching out to smaller communitites, and snagged Churdan away from Breda Teleservices, which discontinued their cable services completely. As you can see it is like it was pulled out of the 1990s, with the default cable provider logo, AND to top things off, there is no ticker at the bottom of the screen. Just the TWC logo hangs out in the lower right hand corner during non-Local on the 8's broadcasting. It is weird...you'd think they would have to upgrade sometime!


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