Sunday, 11 July 2010

Produce Your Own Show Things You Might Need

How much does it cost to become a television producer? Most times it costs about one hundred dollars or less unless you take the subject in college or in a trade school. In that latter cases it can be quite costly. The professional schools in Manhattan cost major big bucks and they do not give you a study at the end of your studies. By far the most reasonable school around is the community access school and studio.

When you came to community access, what are the costs, besides money that are involved? You need time, lots of time if you want to produce shows on a regular basis. You need creativity or brainstorming or networking to get your talent, stars, hosts and co-hosts. You need persistence and dedication to the job that you will be doing once you begin producing shows. You need to know when to keep on going (always), and when it is time to quit (never). So there you go; you have most of your answers.

What are the other things that you might need to produce your show? That depends on what your studies are like and depends on how much free time you have to invest in your project. (If you buy or have your own equipment, this saves time for you since you do not have to arrange special times to pick up and deliver the equipment back to the studio -- the case of the remote or field shows. By having your own equipment, even if it is minimal or inexpensive, you cut down on appointments at the studio, and sometimes you can edit right in the camera itself, so that cuts down on editing time also.

So, I believe the biggest cost that you might have is your time investment; you will always be investing time in pre-production, production and post-production. Money is an investment too, but your time is your most valuable investment in anyone's serious show. Other things you might need are your own props, your own furniture (though that is not necessary). You might want to bring in your own posters or artwork for the walls in your television shows. You might being in some small easels to post the art up on. If you are doing remote or field shows, you might need some rain-gear and some tarps or plastic sheets or the plastic camera covers, to keep everything clean and spotless.

You might need some music or cds to open and close the show with. You can use canned music or if you know a musician, you can use that person as an introduction. You might need some tablecloths if you decide to use the studios furniture. By using your own tablecloths, you add a special touch, a personalized tough to the show in that none of the other producers will have the exact same set as you have. So, think about personalizing the show with your own accessories, tablecloths, banners, posters or other small items. You might want to bring a flowering potted plant or some other natural items.

Here are additions that might make your show special for you:

Use a feng-shui touch. Check out a book on feng-shui and use the helpful hints for your shows backgrounds and scenes. You can even use feng-shui in the conference room if you have time.
Use recorded music of your own or of a friends.
Use a keyboard to play some "demo" music. That can be a nice opening to the show also.
Make large copies of your business card to use as a sign or banner.

You can get your business cards in under one hour at most office supply stores. (At one such store, they were recently selling 100 business cards for twenty dollars plus you get an extra free 100 business cards). That works fine if you are in a hurry for the cards and need them the same day for the show.

You can go online, way in advance, and order free business cards from many companies. (They like to give free samples to ring you in as a future customer). You can go online to the Microsoft website and design your own cards. If you have no printer, take your saved document to any public library and have them printed out for ten cents per page. Bring your own paper or business card sheets to load the printer with. Ask the librarian for details on how to do this.

Of course you will need people, producers, hosts and co-hosts. You can usually find willing participants if you do your research.

These (listed above) are just a few of possible costs to having your own show. Nothing is required except the reservation for the studio and the contacts, your talent and hosts. Everything else is optional. We will talk about other helpful websites and other options for new producers in some of our upcoming articles.

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