Friday, 28 May 2010

Betta Fish Are Better Than Any Other Fish! Siamese Fighting Fish Rock!

Wow. Life is different and life is wonderful. And life is so totally interesting when it comes to the different ways to feed fish. I am not talking about the kinds of fish food specifically but more about how you feed the fish. How you feed your fish make the difference between their vitality, their color, their health and their life. How you feed them also makes a difference in their personality, and in the way they swim all through their tank.

Feeding Methods:

You can feed them by just flinging food into the tank from any direction or you can be more precise and feed from the same spot always. By feeding from that same corner of the tank y ou are actually training your fish. You are giving them some stability. They eventually learn that this particular area is their food, meals area and they look forward to coming there when they see you approach the tank. I know this from personal experience. I had a small fish one day. Long ago, I had purchased a stunning Siamese Fighting Fish (a/k/a Betta), and I decided to treat this fish differently than the way that they treat them in the pet stores. I did not believe the hype that these fish love to be in those tiny, confined bowls. So my special treat for this fish was a huge, ten-gallon tank just for this Betta. The fish loved his new home, was very happy in there. I decorate the home with some natural plants, and small decoration. (Be careful with the decorations. It is temping to get ornate, but you need to remember that the more decorations you put inside of the tank , the more swimming and living space that you take away from your fish. The best decorations are sold in pet stores.

Fish Need A Hiding Place:

Find one that has a space or tunnel where the fish can hide in. That is an excellent choice. You give your fish the choice of daylight or darkness and a space that he calls his own hiding space. Anyway, back to my fish. I walked over to the ten-gallon tank each day to feed him. He soon just came to the feeding corner whenever he saw me approaching from that direction. This was his greeting to me, Hi, I am here!

By feeding a Betta in this way you can actually get really friendly with him. And he will not live up to his name fighting, but he will become friendly to you. I was able to train my fish like this and he would come to me, come to the top of the water where I would be able to pet him. He loved that. Imagine petting your own fish? Most people do not pet their fish. And most fish will not come to the top for you to pet them. But follow these instructions and you might just have a petting Betta fish.

Steps to Pet Happiness:

· Buy a Betta.

· Give him a 10 or 20 gallon tank, whichever you can afford to have or keep up.

· Feed him the same time every day.

· Feed him from the same feeding corner.

You Have Trained Your Betta!

· After feeding him like this for a month or two, you can try and pet him as he comes to the surface for food. Pet him once then feed him.

This most times, works. It worked for me. Now this is something that you have learned about fish that the pet store guy will NOT tell you. Keep reading my articles for more interesting facts about fish and other pets.

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