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Finding Your Way Through The Weeds, Television Production

So you started. They have taken the first steps. Perhaps you have already enrolled in the class must know the TV production, or perhaps even completed.

You will find all types in the study. Take care and keep in mind before you interact much with anyone. Ask around, and then do your own research to see so that the supplier to work with. You want with the producers, the professional, courteous and are for those whose work first priorityRespect, kindness, consideration and diligent. You can only see occasionally, funny or light-show heart - at the same time, the objectives and tasks, you can respect others and treat everyone with kindness.

Or maybe you're just thinking. Perhaps you are nervous to join in. Here's a look at the television production community. They are all ready, with all costs incurred during production, or are you lot? Some producersWhen the problems begin, because all the producers expect professional. If television production company expect only the professionals who are satisfied in a big surprise. So in the area with an open mind, have a trusted and secure their knowledge, what is really happening in the community with a television. The fact that different types of personalities in the studio known, and the various accidents that can not or should do consciously studyThey are growing and learning in this field of television production. This article provides some of the skills necessary for your protection, your ideas and your reputation.

There are all kinds: first, a look back into the EU average access television studio in a big, bustling city. Here you can find this kind of people (such as producers of talent, as a guest as a guest and as a spectator). Here you will find a warm, wonderful people, loving, giving,Maintenance people, insult people, arrogant people, selfish people, people of great talent, very clever people, stupid, bad people, celebrities, ordinary people and the people very curious. You will find Reverend Pastors, rabbis, and ex-offenders, are heads of state and government of the community, leaders Girl Scouts, Outward Bound students, the homeless, students who cheat, jugglers, clowns, actors and actresses. Meet some people who just wantMoney out of you or your team. And then you happen to meet people, warm people with a big heart. These are some of the students in the community to access the schools that are there to help and serve others see as coming at the same time, some who would cut your throat if they thought they could thus continued. You can find musicians, children, youth and elderly.

Here you will find generous people who give their time, effort and experience. You will find thosebring delicious homemade and others to bring food for the mind and soul. There are many, will bring snacks and exotic experiences of life interesting. Will find people from all walks of life in studies of production. Nothing prevents you to learn the trade or do not prevent a Community producer. What you get! Team with people of good heart, a team with serious work and help other students who are there to learn, andto serve others and you can not do anything wrong in your journey through the community access television.

Surprised? I was very surprised to see that some involved in the field of community access and people are not professional. So, I see that you do not expect that list. Are you surprised? You just expect to be people who are concerned with the television studio? Did you expect that only the honest people or people who treat people with respect? If it is only respect and expect only the professionalism, are suddenlysurprised if you have enough time in the average price in the crops in EU study access. We must always remember that every manufacturer is different from the next. Each has its own personality and each is to act as they want to act. There are some manufacturers who violate the rules. Thus, this fact will help you to know.

The advantage is that you draw from reading this series of articles is to read from the perspective of someone whorestrained from telling the truth about community access. If this article was written by staff, internal or administration, the article was probably just a positive attitude in regard to community access, but since I did not pay me in the studio, and I'm not tied to the community to have access only to those present to make a light, as it is not, as a person as he or she wants to be imagined. Thus, in addition to reading the wonderful world of television community issure, read more about the good, the bad and the very, very bad. I am writing to encourage you to join us at your convenience. But I am also writing to express the truth as it really exists. What's in the real world is the access of the community. If you remember that will not be surprised at all that happens to everyone.

Most of it is wonderful. Then you must know, then I invite you to join us at your convenience. Register to make the orientation as soon as possible. Youwill benefit from this experience and the lessons we learn and grow with us and meet people who can sometimes be met in years. Good luck on your efforts, and remember to call or write to us, if you decide in full communion with the TV for you.

This is real life: if you know the world of television, just like the world of real life, then you will not be surprised. So if you did people offensives in real life, then you will meet sickeningPeople on television. If you have any doubts, just to see and watch TV, what all there. You will see a selection of the abused person, together with the kind of respect people, together with the mixture of people of great talent and care. The conclusion is that you can see the whole world, right there in your study of access in their community.

So that they know, knowing that every type of personality and person can be in the studio, inClasses and in classes, then you are advised that it is necessary to maintain your trust and look at the portfolio in a building study. You will know this ahead of time and then when you witness abuse of a producer of someone who does not challenge your mind, but we know that the producer is unfair to someone. This is an edge in common with television.

Be strong in your beliefs: do not let all this scare talk on TV. TheThe numbers are in your favor. Terms for each manufacturer, there are probably fifty or a hundred wonderfully warm and professional producers out there does a job and work correctly with respect for all. So the numbers in your favor, not afraid to enter the world of television production, but a warning. Now we know what to look for, what to look for and what to beware. These are things you see or notice:

Youa producer could discuss with the staff that the producers are trying to get to see his way, because he thinks he's right.

You can become a producer to see abusive with the staff, because the manufacturer said, he could get away with it.

You may see a producer with his arms and shouted someone in the studio, because he thinks that organizations producers' bigger than it really is.

You can see the wonderful work Producersin the spirit of teamwork, excellent a show for the station.

You may see trainees training in a workplace, school receive recognition for his work.

It allows administrators to walk around the building until the review to see things or just returned from lunch.

You can see some producers of discrimination against other producers, employees or interns only because of the way of seeing people talk, or because theirNationality or background.

You may see the engineers repairing cameras and do a fantastic job to properly maintain equipment fine-tuning.

It can and will be one or all of these things in every city, community access TV station. (Before anyone writes and says, "No, you will see that in my department or in the studio," let me assure that I can not write your particular study, but make a rule about some clubs in the United States. ( And yes, ISeen many of these things happen) in construction studies. You can find almost everything you see in the world outside, right in your study of community access, when you long enough.

The behavior of the reason for the community access takes so long is because there are usually the management and staff, competent and equipped to handle events volatile and, therefore, other producers and workers are not interested in complaining of producers. What I like our studythat if someone is abusive to others, the part that is usually called a hearing and in most cases, this party was recently suspended and prohibited from entering the studio for a specified period. According to the manufacturer to see they have no right to abuse anyone in the house, finally learn the lesson and become a professional in their characteristics and in their treatment of others.

How will you cope with situations that are right in front of you while you are on yourown productions? You do not expect anyone to be offensive, but that happens sometimes. If it happens to you, what will you do? Here are some tips and ideas, and you can select the actions to be taken are appropriate for your situation. These tips will help you deal with abusive people in the building study.

If a producer exceeds abusive to you and you already have a bullish effect way, a space between you and the producer organizations immediately. Do not waitfor physical contact. Simply a great space between you and this person. Back.

Immediately alert someone's attention so that you are not alone in this situation, and if you are alone, leave the floor or the room to get help. (You can use the telephone to call security at the place where you are, if not the security has not yet seen).

The camera at hand or close to it, record releases. In this way, you have the entire event on tape and theProducer Talks complained about what happened will not be regarded as truth, but to show what the truth is on the tape. The camera does not lie.

If you're in the studio and there are people in the control room, yelling to be, "give ROLL TAPE" and hopefully instructions to start recording the event director. (Place in front of it. Tell your manager if you cry "ROLL TAPE", while you're in the studio and he begins to work immediately and do not press Stop,Tape up to do) directly. Do you have an extra tape on hand so that you still use a band for your show. If this happens, I suggest you think that the tape and try to bend in each before making a copy of the tape.

If the club is getting a lot of hand and is certainly not able to cope with the situation, call 911 to protect everyone in the studio. (If the manufacturer has a weapon, threatened with a weapon, you just need to call 911immediately).

Take a look around and see that the producers in the studio and on-site. There are cases where some manufacturers do not want to admit they were present. They do this for fear or not wanting to be involved. In any case, that the security guard should be a list of all producers who entered the study, but we must see who is present. Some might say that there were, who were in the bathroom or in the lockerRoom. Thanks She looks around and saw the manufacturer or guests are present, except the reality of the moment, no matter what anyone says. The tape will do the same.

If you saw someone who, as witnesses to attack. Do what you want, someone could do for you. The silence makes you a part of the abuses, not to think so to join the team for abuse.

These suggestions and ideas on what you can do when you have to dowith a terrible situation in the studio. In your profession or hobby, you could not watch such things, but you are ready, we know that these things can happen and not, in some studies. Keep calm. They have a plan ahead of time. To ensure that you are ready. Prepare your show collects and makes things smooth.

The best part of the Community Access Television Production: These are the people more good your travels take through the study. There are hundreds ofWonderful staff, producers and interns to these stations and those are the people that the television production company, the real joy that can be done. Your job is as the top producer and help them help themselves, who are producers and who do not help that the producers are unfair and what is not.

Discover what works and Who Works:

Never heard the applause. Do not repeat gossip.

Learn more about our manufacturers out of businesswith them in person. When we speak of something terrible to a producer. Experience for yourself what the producer capacity. If you think that the producers 'organizations' in action, you can see in person if the person is abusive or not, or if the person is a professional or not. Find out for yourself not to take other word for it. You can "feel", but make your own judgments and decisions.

Exceeds a producer is suspended, is not included, the producer suspended in one of yourProductions, until an official word from staff or administration, in particular, that this is in good producer. Protect your show from this simple step.

Listen to your inner instinct. Usually inner instinct is very valuable and very on target. If you have a bad feeling of a situation or a particular manufacturer, nothing (to do with gossip), then you hear your inner instinct to saveshow.

All that is in this article help well on track to produce television programs without the problems brought by the offending producer.

If you provide us (other manufacturers) around the studio you will not hesitate, if you have questions. We are always ready in any way that we can do this.

Updated April 25, 2008

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